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Jujutsu Kaisen is a popular Japanese manga and anime series created by Gege Akutami. The story revolves around(Jujutsu Kaisen Characters) Yuji Itadori, a high school student who becomes a Jujutsu sorcerer after ingesting the finger of Sukuna, a powerful Cursed Spirit. The series introduces us to a captivating world filled with sorcery, curses, and thrilling battles.

Main Jujutsu Kaisen Characters

1. Yuji Itadori

Yuji is the protagonist of the series, a kind-hearted and athletic teenager who possesses incredible physical abilities. After joining the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School, he becomes a vessel for Sukuna, the King of Curses.

Jujutsu Kaisen Characters
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2. Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi is a fellow first-year student at Jujutsu Tech and wields the Ten Shadows Technique, allowing him to control shikigami. He is determined to save people from curses and protect his friends(Jujutsu Kaisen Characters).

3. Nobara Kugisaki

Nobara is a skilled Jujutsu sorcerer and Jujutsu Kaisen Characters from the countryside who specializes in using cursed tools and nails. She has a strong-willed personality and is unafraid to speak her mind.

4. Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo is a legendary Jujutsu sorcerer and one of the most powerful characters in the series. He possesses the Six Eyes, a rare and extraordinary technique that grants him immense power #Jujutsu Kaisen Characters.

5. Sukuna

Sukuna is a Cursed Spirit and the main antagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen Characters. He was a powerful sorcerer in the past and is now an entity composed of numerous Cursed Spirits.

6. Maki Zenin

Maki comes from a prestigious Jujutsu sorcerer family but lacks the ability to see curses. Despite this, she trains tirelessly to become a skilled sorcerer and wielder of cursed tools.

7. Panda

Panda is a Cursed Corpse, an experimental Jujutsu sorcerer created by the scientist Masamichi Yaga. Despite his appearance, Panda is a formidable fighter and loyal friend and one of the best Jujutsu Kaisen Characters.

8. Toge Inumaki

Inumaki is a second-year student at Jujutsu Tech who communicates using cursed speech. He can only speak in words that induce positive or negative emotions, making him a valuable asset in battles and one of the unique Jujutsu Kaisen Characters.

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Supporting Characters

1. Kento Nanami

Kento Nanami is a seasoned Jujutsu sorcerer and a mentor to Yuji Itadori. He is known for his pragmatic and stoic approach to sorcery.

2. Aoi Todo

Aoi Todo is a third-year student at Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical College. He is a hot-headed yet powerful sorcerer with immense physical strength.

3. Mai Zenin

Mai Zenin is Maki’s twin sister and a member of the Zenin family, known for their powerful cursed techniques. She struggles to find her place within the family and the sorcerer world.

4. Kokichi Muta

Muta is a special-grade curse user and one of the antagonists in the series. He possesses the cursed technique “Idle Transfiguration.”

5. Kasumi Miwa

Miwa is a second-year student at Jujutsu Tech, known for her loyalty and determination to follow the rules.

6. Masamichi Yaga

Yaga is the principal of Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School and the creator of Panda.

7. Nanako Hasaba

Nanako is a third-year student at Jujutsu Tech, known for her leadership skills and ability to control Cursed Spirits.

Antagonists in Jujutsu Kaisen

1. Mahito

Mahito is a cursed spirit with the ability to manipulate souls, causing horrific transformations in humans.

2. Jogo

Jogo is a special-grade cursed spirit associated with volcanic powers and a member of the Cursed Wombs.

3. Choso

Choso is a unique cursed spirit who shares a close bond with Yuji Itadori due to their shared connection to Sukuna.

4. Hanami

Hanami is a cursed spirit with control over plants and is a formidable opponent in battles.

5. Geto Suguru

Geto is a complex character with a twisted ideology and an antagonist who seeks to create a world for cursed spirits.

6. Noritoshi Kamo

Kamo is a member of the Kamo family and a powerful curse user with a dark agenda.

7. Toji Fushiguro

Toji is a rogue sorcerer with a tragic past, seeking revenge against Jujutsu sorcerers.

Special Grade Cursed Spirits

1. Sukuna (Ryomen Sukuna)

Sukuna is a legendary Cursed Spirit and one of the main antagonists. He was once a sorcerer with immense power and influence.

2. Mahoraga

Mahoraga is a dangerous Cursed Spirit known for its immense strength and ability to create powerful barriers.

3. Dagon

Dagon is a special-grade cursed spirit and a member of the Cursed Wombs.

4. Great Cursed Spirits

The Great Cursed Spirits are incredibly powerful entities that pose a significant threat to humanity.(Jujutsu Kaisen Characters)

The Power System in Jujutsu Kaisen

The world of Jujutsu Kaisen operates on a unique power system:

1. Cursed Energy

Cursed energy is the primary source of power for Jujutsu sorcerers, allowing them to perform techniques and combat curses.

2. Cursed Techniques

Cursed techniques are unique abilities possessed by sorcerers, varying greatly in style and strength.

3. Domain Expansion

Domain Expansion is a powerful technique where a sorcerer creates a domain and gains control over the territory within it.

The Role of Jujutsu Sorcerers(Jujutsu Kaisen Characters)

Jujutsu sorcerers play a crucial role in maintaining the balance between the human world and the world of curses. There are two main institutions where sorcerers are trained:

1. Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School

This school serves as a training ground for Jujutsu sorcerers in Tokyo and focuses on producing skilled and capable fighters.

2. Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical College

This institution is a rival to the Tokyo school and aims to produce sorcerers with a different approach to fighting curses.

The World of Jujutsu Kaisen

The Jujutsu Kaisen universe is filled with various intriguing elements:

1. Cursed Wombs

Cursed Wombs are humans implanted with the seed of a powerful curse, transforming them into dangerous beings.

2. Culling Games

The Culling Games are events where Cursed Spirits and sorcerers compete against each other in deadly battles.

3. Cursed Objects

Cursed objects are items infused with cursed energy and can be used by sorcerers in combat.

4. Cursed Spirits and Curses

The world is plagued by malevolent Cursed Spirits that bring chaos and despair to humanity.


Jujutsu Kaisen has gained immense popularity due to its captivating plot, well-developed characters(Jujutsu Kaisen characters), and unique power system. It immerses the readers and viewers in a thrilling world of sorcery and curses, where the battle between good and evil unfolds in dramatic fashion.


  1. Q: Is Jujutsu Kaisen suitable for all age groups? A: Jujutsu Kaisen is intended for a mature audience due to its dark themes and intense battles.
  2. Q: How powerful is Satoru Gojo compared to other Jujutsu Kaisen Characters? A: Satoru Gojo is considered one of the most powerful Jujutsu Kaisen Characters due to his rare Six Eyes technique.
  3. Q: Are there any romantic subplots in Jujutsu Kaisen? A: While the series primarily focuses on action and battles, there are subtle romantic elements between some Jujutsu Kaisen Characters.
  4. Q: Are cursed techniques hereditary? A: Cursed techniques can be hereditary, but they can also be passed down or taught to individuals outside of the family.
  5. Q: Does Yuji Itadori’s personality change after becoming Sukuna’s vessel? A: While Yuji maintains his core personality, Sukuna’s influence does affect his behavior in certain situations.

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