‘ZOM 100:Bucket List of the Dead A Post’ ,Apocalyptic Adventure

In a world ravaged by a mysterious virus that turns people into zombies, “ZOM 100” emerges as a thrilling post-apocalyptic manga series. This article dives into the captivating world of “ZOM 100,” its plotline, key characters, and the reasons why it has captured the hearts of manga enthusiasts around the globe. Step into the shoes of our protagonist, Akira, as he navigates this dangerous new reality in a bid to survive the undead apocalypse.

The World Plagued by the Unholy(Zom 100)

In the manga series “ZOM 100,” the world has been thrown into chaos by a virus that transforms ordinary people into flesh-craving zombies. The once-bustling cities are now eerie wastelands where death lurks around every corner. Amid this dystopian nightmare, we are introduced to Akira, an ordinary office worker who discovers himself in the epicenter of this catastrophic event.

Meet Akira: The Unlikeliest Survivor

Akira, a socially awkward and unassuming character, finds himself immune to the zombie virus. His mundane life is turned upside down when he wakes up after a drinking binge to find the world he once knew has crumbled. Armed with nothing but his wits and a baseball bat, Akira embarks on a perilous journey for survival.

Befriending Megumi: A Ray of Hope

During his harrowing escapades, Akira encounters Megumi, a resourceful and spirited young girl. Together, they form an unlikely bond, providing each other with the emotional support and companionship they desperately need in a world devoid of humanity.

The Perilous Journey Begins

Akira and Megumi set out on an epic adventure, navigating through a city teeming with the undead. They scavenge for supplies, learning to adapt to their new reality, and honing their survival skills to confront the menacing zombies that surround them.

Zombie Slaying 101: Akira’s Survival Guide

As they progress, Akira develops a unique fighting style, utilizing his knowledge of baseball to wield his bat with deadly precision. The manga brilliantly showcases Akira’s growth as he transforms from a timid individual into a fearless zombie slayer.

Unexpected Encounters: Allies and Foes

Throughout their journey, Akira and Megumi encounter a cast of diverse characters – some willing to help, while others harbor hidden agendas. Their interactions with these individuals add depth to the narrative, making “ZOM 100” an enthralling roller-coaster ride of emotions.

The Secret behind the Virus

As they delve deeper into the mysteries of the zombie apocalypse, Akira and Megumi uncover startling truths about the origin of the virus. These revelations not only affect their perception of the world but also shed light on the dark underbelly of the human condition.

The Enigmatic Doctor Reisen

One of the key figures in the manga is Doctor Reisen, a mysterious scientist who appears to hold the key to a potential cure for the virus. His enigmatic nature and hidden motives add an extra layer of intrigue to the already captivating plot.

Surviving the Unseen Dangers

In a world infested with zombies, danger is not limited to the undead. The manga explores the struggles of Akira and Megumi against other survivors, groups with conflicting ideologies, and the moral dilemmas they face in a world where morality seems ambiguous.

The Desolate Beauty of a Broken World

Despite the bleakness of the post-apocalyptic setting, “ZOM 100” beautifully captures the remnants of human civilization intertwined with nature’s reclaiming embrace. The artwork masterfully portrays the haunting beauty amidst chaos.

The Allure of Humanity

Amidst the chaos and carnage, “ZOM 100” delves into the essence of humanity and the strength of the human spirit. Themes of hope, camaraderie, and the will to survive resonate deeply with readers, evoking a profound sense of empathy.

Challenges and Sacrifices

As Akira and Megumi continue their journey, they are faced with heart-wrenching decisions and sacrifices. These moments of vulnerability make the characters more relatable, drawing readers deeper into the emotional core of the story.

The Pursuit of Normalcy

Despite the dire circumstances, Akira clings to the desire for normalcy. His pursuit of a life resembling the one he once had is a poignant reminder of the human need for familiarity and stability.

Unraveling the Conspiracy

As the plot thickens, the manga uncovers a web of conspiracies surrounding the virus outbreak. The suspenseful storytelling keeps readers on the edge of their seats, eager to unravel the truth.

Epiphany: The Purpose of Survival

As the story reaches its climax, Akira experiences an epiphany about the true meaning of survival. The journey he undertakes, both physically and emotionally, culminates in a thought-provoking finale that lingers in readers’ minds long after the final page.


“ZOM 100” is an extraordinary manga that seamlessly blends the elements of post-apocalyptic survival with a heartfelt exploration of human emotions. Through the eyes of Akira, readers embark on a journey filled with danger, hope, and the enduring power of the human spirit.


  1. Is “ZOM 100” suitable for all readers? Absolutely! While it contains action and suspense, it also offers compelling character development and emotional depth, making it appealing to a broad audience.
  2. Are there any plans for an anime adaptation? As of the latest information available, there have been no official announcements regarding an anime adaptation, but fans remain hopeful.
  3. How many volumes are there in the manga series? As of now, “ZOM 100” consists of several volumes, each contributing to the enthralling storyline.
  4. Is there any romantic subplot in the manga? While “ZOM 100” primarily focuses on survival and human connections, it subtly hints at romantic feelings between certain characters.
  5. Can I read “ZOM 100” online? Yes, the manga is available for digital reading on various platforms, granting easy access to manga enthusiasts.


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